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Find of the Week: A Metal Wonder of Sleek, Long, and Lean

This abstracted, disrobed feminine mixed-metal wonderment was procured at the German Trading Post in Adamstown, Pennsylvania for $65.00.  On first glance, one might think “Art Deco?”  And perhaps the Art Deco taste, where “tradition meets sleek,” is the inspiration behind this piece?  However, in this case, our procurement is identified with a label.

A small oval shaped sticker was found on the bottom of the velvet covered base, “Dolbi Cashier 1967,” and, after a few minutes on Google, we found that this was a high end maker of decorative objects.     This company, modernly known as Gallery-House-Dolbi Cashier was owned and operated by Ed Schulman, who, educated in business, worked to find innovative ways to bring art and decorative art to market.  Specifically, in the 1960s, the Art Deco taste experienced a revival wherein the term Art Deco was popularized by the movement.  This may account for why allot of pieces designed during the Art Deco period, and even the Art Modern period, are often confused with things produced during the mid-century (20th).  Whether or not Schulman had any influence over “Sleek, Long, and Lean” is unknown, but we do know that “she” makes quite a statement in the living room or even on top of the commode!!!

2 Responses to “Find of the Week: A Metal Wonder of Sleek, Long, and Lean”
  1. What an awesome find. Do you know what she is worth?

  2. admin says:

    There is no real way to tell with this kind of thing, but I in any kind of gallery they’d probably ask around $800.00 for it…

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